Destiny By Design

‘School of Original Design’!!  SOD!!  An interesting name that suggests a school of design that embraces the authentic.

Original – Adjective – present or existing from the beginning OR created personally by a particular artist – not a copy

Stepping into this 2015 school, one can’t wait to dream of the celebration that is before us.  The privilege that goes with investing in other’s lives… the synergy that flows uninhibited when a room full of hunger explodes from a unified cry for more!! There is a life force that seems to meet us in this place, and the access to a higher reality known as love personified is ridiculously easy.

As we join voices, link expectations and deliberately lean into His promises, we forget not His benefits and are convinced that Papa is intent on giving good gifts to His children.  To witness identity coming alive in His sons and daughters eyes means we hold our breath at the goodness that emanates from every obedient step!  Being fully convinced of the fact that Jesus Loves Me, ensures us all that within His love can be found the most incredible destiny, not just for the individual, but for whole communities, regions and nations.

When the downloads start, and the sons and daughters start to emerge from the rocks and crevices they have been hiding in… when the music plays, and the atmosphere becomes charged with a supernatural reality… when validation starts to settle on the shoulders of the ‘least’, and for the first time they decide to take the risk of vulnerability… oh the sheer joy of the cross set before Him starts to make sense, as the beauty unfolds before our very eyes.

When the design of destiny becomes apparent, and the fact that God is good ALL the time starts to be sewn into the lining of our thinking… then the mindsets of old start to be marinated in the same grace that seals our assurance of salvation and proves that vengeance is His.  Done, dealt with, complete!!  It is truly finished.

So… send in the clowns… send in the most cynical… because I am convinced that no one who enters His presence can remain frozen.  No… His gaze is far too penetrating, His embrace is all encompassing, His smile is overwhelmingly convincing, and His lack of motivation to condemn is surely the destiny He has designed for this world.

Honouring the Journey of Love.

I love the stepping stones of revelation that seem to have found their way through the generations and denominations.  The elements of truth that have been carried on the currents of time that seem to culminate in pools of ‘Aha’ moments lead us to muse together on the goodness of God.  Beginning at the garden where Adam and Eve first dwelt, where freedom and relationship reigned, the rivers of His love began to flow through History, creating various junctions of revelation for His sons and daughters… through the tents of Abraham… winding it’s way through the wrestling of Jacob… and flooding Moses with insight at the burning bush.

This river of life continued to flow with an urgency and force, propelling it through the ages, ushering in the solution for sin once and for all… and as Jesus walked on this earth, showing us in bodily form the heartbeat of His Father for us, the waters of acceptance became possible for all mankind.  On and on the waters have flowed, finding its way through many revivalists, leaving various denominations in its wake. It is interesting that this river of life has not dwindled over the years. but rather has gained momentum as it is driven by such purpose and love, seemingly intent on the ultimate destination; coming full circle to the headwaters of the throne of God.  In this place the restoration of Eden is evident… in this place the crystal clear water of life is celebrated, and the revelation of love is complete.

As Jake Hamilton so aptly states… ‘What began in the garden will end in the garden one day’! How beautiful it is to know that the God of the Universe always carried Love as His banner, always had relationship in mind, and is constantly wooing us in a pursuit of love that can only be translated in the context of His Kingdom.  For this Kingdom is surely a place of gentleness, where creation identifies and submits to the tender dominion of sons and daughters who know who they are.  Just as a dog knows the loving touch of his master and would do anything for him, so creation finally starts to realize the presence of leadership and relaxes into the safe embrace of belonging.

To understand that every person on the planet throughout all time has, and has had the opportunity to be carried along on this current for the season of their lives is incredibly enlarging.  But it also leaves one with a lingering thought… that the depth of beauty that flows under the surface of this river is longing to be discovered, and when it is, the celebration that goes with the identification of personal loveliness is not only amazing, but carries an urgency within it that the world is desperate for.  The ripple effect of this ownership of love is going to break the banks of restriction and flood its surroundings with peace.

There is an irony to this picture however… for the very banks that were necessary to ensure the emergence of love from one generation to the next have been crying out for a saturation that can only happen through the realization of identity.  As the church steps into her bridehood and allows herself to be enraptured by her own beauty this will surely be the result.

So we speak tenderly to Jerusalem… we speak blessing and adoration, gentleness and beauty.  We open our hearts to the transparency of His presence, and we see the waters of the river of life permeate our beings, our environment and our world.



So… I feel like I am standing on the precipice of something totally amazing.

Until recently I have been a person who held the cards of my identity extremely close to my chest…  and yet I prided myself in being a strong believer.  That is… a believer of something,  but I am discovering that this  ‘something’ in which I believed, is morphing into a ‘someone’ I am believing in.

Ironically, there has always been a face to the ‘something’ that I placed my belief system upon, but I am beginning to realise that I was only accessing this face from behind the veil.  It’s funny how we can hold the theology of a loving Father and even preach about it, and yet live with a heart that is scared of the opinion of others, and navigate life through intimidation and self doubt.  What good is a theology that doesn’t translate into reality?

So here I am… standing on this precipice that is demanding a choice.  And I choose!!

I choose life.   I step off and free fall into the unknown.  And as the wind rushes past my ears, and the cold wind slaps me in the face I am acutely aware that I am ALIVE!! Transparent… vulnerable… and living!!

The freedom I am experiencing to fully understand who I am and dare I say fully enjoying the process, is phenomenal.  And as I soar with Him, the view is out of this world.  The broad strokes of this picture called supernatural reality are acutely visible from this vantage point, and I begin to realise that the only restrictions to this exquisite take, are the ones that stem from the limitations of a finite mind.

So I stand at the altar, and allow my groom to remove the veil once and for all.  No longer will my true identity be hidden from myself or from others.  I allow the infinite mind of Christ to completely envelop my thinking.  In the place of second guessing, I find as-surety and purpose, and in the place of timidity I find power and resolve.

And just as I have jumped, and found myself in His embrace, my prayer is that the Bride will do the same.  Precious Bride of Christ… know who you are!!  May your eyes be filled with His glory, your face be enraptured with His beauty, and your heart be full with love.  May you be clothed in His transparency, and adorned with Heaven’s jewels.  Be free to love, my darling, as you have been loved by the greatest lover of all.


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